Facade preparation

We give new life to the facades of companies and warehouses, creating personalized murals that reflect your brand and your vision. We use vibrant colors, eye-catching designs and high-quality materials to ensure visual impact and durability.

  • TOTAL coating

    ALLESTIRE's Total Cladding covers your facade entirely, transforming it into an impressive visual expression. This service is ideal for those who want maximum visual impact and a complete transformation of the building's external appearance.
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  • ARTISTIC covering

    With ALLESTIRE's Artistic Coating, your facade becomes a canvas for our creativity. This option combines art and design to create a unique and personalized representation of your brand, perfect for adding a touch of originality and style.
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  • PARTIAL coating

    ALLESTIRE's Partial Covering offers a more discreet but equally impactful alternative. By focusing on specific sections of your facade, we can create artistic accents and focal points that enhance the existing architecture without overwhelming it.
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  • Our outdoor lighting is not only functional, but a design element in itself.

  • We are able to set up from dynamic LED installations to artistic projections.

  • Each lighting system is designed to enhance the surrounding architecture and art.

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The Magic of Light

External lighting is not just a question of visibility, but a real spell that transforms every open space into a stage of emotions. With our outdoor lighting service, we can make your garden, patio or any outdoor area an oasis of soft light or a lively meeting point. Our expertise extends from the design to the creation of lighting systems that enhance architecture and landscapes, guaranteeing safety, aesthetics and functionality.

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Tailored Solutions

Each outdoor space has its own unique personality and specific lighting needs. Whether it's an elegant driveway, a welcoming relaxation corner or an area dedicated to events and celebrations, our team of experts will work with you to create tailor-made solutions. We only use the best, efficient and sustainable lighting devices, to ensure a service that respects the environment and reduces energy costs.

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Innovation and Technology

In our outdoor lighting service, we embrace innovation to offer you the best of current technology. From smart, app-controlled lighting systems to motion sensors for added security, we make sure every aspect of your outdoor lighting is state-of-the-art. Our passion for technology translates into lighting solutions that not only beautify, but actively enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

Artificial Intelligence also created with Us

These images were generated through artificial intelligence with the intent to stimulate your imagination and inspire new ideas.

A fantastic world

We transform outdoor spaces into green oases, integrating landscaping elements that blend perfectly with wall art. We offer creative solutions, such as vertical gardens or relaxation areas, which improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of the environment.

We provide customized outdoor signage that goes beyond the functional, becoming an integral part of the overall design. From artistic signs to stylized information panels, each element is designed to complement the aesthetic of the area.

Wouldn't it be nicer to have buildings like this?










Imagine if the buildings around us could reflect not only functionality but also human aspirations and creativity at levels never seen before. These representations, created with the help of advanced artificial intelligence technologies, allow us to explore new frontiers of architectural design. Using them as inspiration or a starting point for our projects opens us up to limitless possibilities, mixing art, engineering and sustainability in ways we could only previously imagine. With these images, we can experiment and visualize ideas before bringing them into the real world, saving time and resources, and at the same time pushing the boundaries of our creativity.

Creation of Multifunctional Outdoor Spaces

We create outdoor areas that serve multiple purposes: relaxation areas, event spaces, or meeting areas. Each space is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making each outdoor area a liveable and dynamic place.



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