Your company is a work of art of innovation and creativity


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Our adventure began in the creative fervor of the '65/'70s/'80s, when the artist Christo and his wife began to "package" monuments and sites of great impact


It was this creativity that lit the spark in MycromArt

Our first project, the Mur..ALEX mural, transformed the gray warehouse on Via Spalato into a colorful tribute to comics, becoming a global point of reference

People from all over the world came, and still come, to photograph him. 254 m2. dedicated to comics for which Mycrom Art holds the world exclusivity for artistic printing on fabric

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We create trends

From our humble beginning, MycromArt has pursued a dream: to transform industrial areas into open-air museums

Every project we undertake is an opportunity to represent the history and image of a company in a unique and stunning way

We don't just follow trends; we create them

Originality, Innovation and eco-sustainability

With a strong emphasis on originality, innovation and eco-sustainability, MycromArt has redefined the concept of customization

From companies to design hotels, from fast-food restaurants to naval and railway environments, every space becomes an opportunity to express art and identity

Unique. Comets.

MycromArt is not just a company; it is an artistic movement that celebrates greatness, innovation and uniqueness

If you want your company to become an open-air masterpiece, join us in this artistic revolution

We are ready to turn your vision into reality